Daily Mail nails Justin with his WOKEness, LOL

Politics is a contact sportMitch McConnell  

We are on to the left “Woke” speak, and it’s contagious amongst Democrat Socialist libtards.  The New World Order is rubbish! Take your unelected billionaires and shove off.

It’s we, the people and an honest candidate with ideas to serve us, we don’t want puppets.

Now time for gossip, Meghan Markle used to hang with Justin and his wife Sofie at Soho House Toronto. Claims have been made that he is involved with NXVIM, Rothchilds, Seagram’s Edward Bronfman former bootleg family.

Q claims he is a boy lover. Symbolism is everything to these kooks.

Read this one, loads of fun.  There are claims that Justin is Castro’s love child.



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4 Comments on “Daily Mail nails Justin with his WOKEness, LOL”

  1. These people are always hand picked JD . Clooney is a life long member of the Council on Foriegn Relations given to him in 2010 . Considering George’s unusual rep his marriage to Amal was hardly a coincidence 😎 more of a ” placement”
    Hollywood is thoroughly politicised now , but it was always meant to be , and is allegedly part of the CIA counter culture agenda assisted by Bernays the father of PR and propaganda, , who was related to Sigmund Freud . another mind control master . . Very often films we see as entertainment are actually giving a message , spreading propaganda, or even using (according to Alan Watt) predictive programming ,
    Its how we are influenced to make the choices we do . Remember Richard Thaler and the ” Nudge ” ? His connections to politicians are fascinating .
    I would call it a web rather than a rabbit hole , no coincidences , think cathedral (long term ) planning.
    We really have to look at our” cult” .ture in a different way , less subjectively and more objectively to see the bigger picture .

  2. The Trudeau family deserve a rabbit hole(and article ) all of their very own !


    It seems Justin believes he is the wizard of “Wokeness” .


    Look at Markle and her sincere I’m really ” woke ” face JD LOL ! Love it , pure entertainment 🍌🍌🍌🍌

    1. I love this! Last night Aeltrileaf gave me the red nation link, WOW, that’s where George and Amal came in, connections like you said. I knew Soros, but I didn’t know George was the lead promoter of this garbage narrative. They chose the right thirsty actress for the job. Trump is giving one hell of a speech to the UN! I have goosebumps! Be a patriot in your own country and screw the Globalist agenda. TRUMP, 2020, landslide victory!

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