Since I already hinted at the topic in one of my posts yesterday…


Are you ready for the next level? Ready to get shocked how deep this really goes? Beware. This is just like in the Matrix. Once you take the red pill, there´s no turning back.

Or you may choose to close your mind and dismiss all of this as hogwash. But believe me… you will begin to SEE the signs everywhere, once you know what to look for.

This is about MK Ultra. The Monarch Slaves, the Beta sex kitten programming. This is what is going on in the entertainment industry, at Disney, at the Mickey Mouse Club, on the Lolita Express, all the Pedo Islands. On the yachts, the parties, the red carpet events. This is what was going on at the Playboy Mansion. This is happening, until this day, at modeling agencies and on film sets and behind palace walls. 

It´s been happening since the 1950´s, you see the repeated signs and symbolism everywhere in the entertainment industry, and if you know what to look for, you will never again wonder why Britney had her meltdown, why so many superstars exited so young and tragically, why so many have drug addictions, why they are unable to get their shit together when they seemingly have everything and are living the life. 

Next to nothing you have believed until now will be the same to you again, once you have delved into this. I entered this sphere around 2012, so very little still shocks me now.

First very interesting thing to know for the uninitiated: every gemstone (diamond, emerald, ruby) has its own meaning when you see them constantly being used in great quantity on particular superstars. Think back and connect the dots: Diamonds are a girl´s best friend… Marilyn Monroe… Happy Birthday Mister President… Madonna recreating MM´s look for one of her videos, and then showing up in white, diamonds all over and a fur stola on the red carpet…. Beyonce dripping in Diamonds for the cover of her first solo album… Britney´s iconic performance in the flesh colored outfit with millions of sparkly diamonds on it, making her look as if she was naked… Rihanna´s song “Diamonds”…

The gemstones stand for a different programming and function of the kitten/Monarch slave, for the level of prominence they have reached and what kind of powerful people they are connected to / serve.

Doesn´t that now make you wonder why a specific person was and still is so hung up on emeralds that she wore a green dress for one of the most important interviews of her life (expecting an emerald engagement ring, but she was disappointed) and why she threw such a tantrum and retaliated when she wasn´t given the emerald tiara she insisted on…?    I´m just saying…

The Great Awakening! WWG1WGA! Connections! The storm is upon us!