Anon submits: Vogue -Another idiot

Every time when people criticize Meghan, her “friends” claim it’s racism. It’s so ridiculous and says a lot about idiot Meghan and her fake friends.

British Vogue editor says the criticism of Meghan Markle after she guest-edited an edition of the magazine was ‘racist’

I knew this one was going to rear its ugly head! UGH


The more the celebs jump on the racist bandwagon for PR, the more you know it’s all set up.  All they are doing is tossing Annie Wintour salad. The magazine sales were dismal. Why not call everyone a racist one last time? What could possibly go wrong?


Enty, the Entertainment Lawyer on said, Megs didn’t do the choosing on the cover, she picked four, Vogue did the rest.  Megs would have picked A-listers.


The woke left at work still throwing Race Card Stun Grenades.  We are not stunned anymore, resentful and bored.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰


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  1. Agree on resentful. I’m also very worried about the SA trip and innocent people being harmed. 🙂 What I’m NOT is bored with your blog! 🙂

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