Anon said: RF members are not like normal parents

RF members shouldn’t act like they are like normal parents. These people have nannies, assistants and can fly to New York when they want and do other things without having stress in their life. MM needs to watch out what she is saying. The same goes for PH.

‘Being a working mum and travelling as well with a baby… it’s a lot, but it’s all so exciting!’ Meghan Markle shares the hardships of being on royal tour with Archie with women on South African trip

OMG, Talk about out of touch with the real working women! You’re right anon and WTF does she have on?  This tour has nothing to do with the Foreign office. It’s all about ME ME.


The emasculated Harry stays home with the baby.  Holy cow I hope he can get out of bed to care for the baby!  The Nanny will handle it!

The MeAgain fashion show from hell and her clod hopper shoes.


Enty the Entertainment lawyer suggested, Meghan is charging charities for her appearances. That’s nice Meg, so you really are working for the crowd.


Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰



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