Call me an elitist swine that refuses to “get with the times”. Call me a “hater”. Even call me white supremacist (because obviously my disgust and criticism must have their root in xenophobia and “racism”). I don´t give a flying fuck. 

What I give a fuck about is ROYALTY – any European Royalty – going from THIS….


to THIS…


A backpacking tourist couple, looking like they´re fresh out of some hostel that didn´t even have decent showers. Disheveled, unkempt, unshaven, in wrinkled and saggy clothes, and the stereotype of the interracial American couple where the guy is painfully thin while the chick is eating good, developing an ass a mile wide and thunder thighs. In 5 years she´ll be twice his size and sexy thongs a distant memory.

And this is called “representing Queen and country.” They can´t get even through one fucking hour of WORK AND BEING PROFESSIONAL without swapping spit, holding hands, pawing each other and acting like they´re 17 year olds in the throes of first time sexual and romantic passion. Newsflash Harry, you´ve been boinking her for 3 and a half years now, we all got the memo at this point. Save that shit for your Soho Suck, Fuck and Spank Boudoirs or your African Glamping tents. Christ alive, Testo Prince Philip never would have! And he sure was and is three times the man his grandson ever was and ever will be. 

Liz, you royally fucked up, and any chaos that Diana and Fergie ever caused are now merely amusing little episodes of the past. There´s really no other way to put it. You fucked up your house. I have no interest watching some wide assed, unkempt Hausfrau and a balding dude in khakis shaking their thang in Africa and have that being called ROYALTY. Brits, is this what you want to continue paying for?

Thank you Megs, thank you. You continue to prove yourself unworthy of your title and income. Your constant example of messy averageness makes clear the gems we have in the future King William and Queen Catherine. No amount of PR could better demonstrate their suitability and excellence more clearly than your basic and trashy attempt at pretending to be royal.


Must reblog. Yes… was a mandatory action.



Yes! Absolutely! This!!!

The Cambridges. The future King William V and Queen Catherine. 👑🔱

If nothing else this tour gives us the perfect view of what royalty looks like. And what it does not.

You are an awesome girl!  I love this @scorpiotwentythree💋💋💋 You have so much talent. 


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