The most liberal publications across the country are realizing that the impeachment is going to cost Dems. The Dem. Party has reached the point of no return. Pelosi has two options. 1. Go ahead and impeach 2. Delay the vote as long as she can. Both options are bad. I say, “Go ahead and impeach already.“

We are going to run to the polls and vote for Trump.  It’s crazy the Dems are so stupid. Go for it, try to impeach, on what charges?

The Dems are accusing Trump of everything they did! It’s amazingly dangerous! This public situation with Mainstream media is nothing but lies, and when Trump is finally vindicated after we vote them all out. What are they going to then?

Always follow the Dan Bongino rule, wait 24 hours because it changes all the time. I’m a blogger, and the NYT, MSNBC, CNN are professionals?? Aren’t they supposed to be unbiased?

Thank you anon! Trump2020LandSlide 🌸😎🥰


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