Anon said: Harry’s Statement

Well after reading MANY comments on the Internet it’s quite obvious that Harry’s statement backfired. It’s basically the same that happened with the statement he released when he confirmed that he is dating Meghan.


That also wasn’t well-received. Especially the Brits seem to be annoyed by him because they pay his bills and have the right to criticize him and Meghan.

The Sussexes want to be loved by everyone which will never happen. They are doing a lot of things wrong and people have the right to criticize them, whether they like it or not. They really should just move to America, leave the monarchy alone and be quiet.

Yep, just like last time, made the internet explode with anger and our introduction to the woke speech.

They should move to America and leave the English People alone. They can go get jobs and do whatever they want.  We can ignore them and the US press will have a field day with them.


Meghan’s desperate attempt to be a beloved A-lister like Harry once was, HA

Don ‘t give to their foundation! You will be creating wealth for them.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰


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2 Comments on “Anon said: Harry’s Statement”

  1. No statements Barbarella The silence is defending 🤐 . This doesn’t look as if it was approved by the RF . When Kate and and William sued for Kate’s topless photos there was a statement from BP .
    Either the RF don’t care and are doing a QM and adopting the don’t explain or complain strategy or they are letting them metaphorically hang themselves . The other thought is Andrews friendship with Epstein is now being investigated by the FBI .

    The Windsors are hopelessly out of touch , gone are the days of blind worship and adulation of the RF .
    We have a populist PM , our politicians have proven themselves (very publically ) to be venal , corrupt and totally lacking in the understanding they are merely public servants , their refusal to deliver Brexit has divided the UK , and more importantly has illustrated that our society is still run by a social , financial and political elite .
    The Harkles are the epitome of this ,elitist behaviour , they now typify everything the British people are becoming thoroughly sick of , and to add insult to injury we are paying for it !
    There is a saying “don’t bite the hand that feeds you ” The Harkles may have “bitten off more than they can chew” and it may have far reaching consequences for them and the RF . .

  2. I saw on YankeeWally earlier the ‘statement’ was issued via their ‘Foundation’ website … has there been any response or comment from Senior Royals does anyone know?

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