My suggestion is to stop talking about MM and Harry Markle. They don’t deserve your attention and the hours you put into your blogs.  They bite the hand that fed them. I’m confident that the Daily Mail will fight back and maybe drop that Sunshine Sachs was feeding them copy since 2016.  This is going to be something to watch. IMO it’s a risky move on the Sussex’s part. I’m sure the lawyers have told them of potential backlash. I bet she was teary-eyed reciting about Diana to Harry. I wonder if she said to them that she was posting on the DM and Harry knew about it.  I’ve posted before how the press will circle the wagons to protect one another. Another failure for the left woke couple. I got a tip something is going happen on or about Oct 17th, so watch out for that. Whatever it is, it won’t be good. Let’s see it happens. Qanons are dropping scoops.  The Markle’s are biting the hand that feeds them.


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