I’m still on the fence if the markle’s are in on


Its honestly my favorite part. Watching the sugars and neutrals spin this like they were a DJ at some festival. It’s so interesting because they say oh she loves her father, but I hope he burns in hell for doing what everyone else ways doing that’s still in contact with her. Thomas is gonna speak out and make it worse for himself in the long run, and this lawsuit seems like a huge bait dangling for him.



Call em out!!


Oh no but Meghan is not manipulative. She is just a sweet, poor victimized girl that the racist world won’t leave alone. 


A little rant…

The neutrals and sugars are already spinning this. Apparently Meghan has chosen not to include her father in the lawsuit because she’s taking the high road and she loves him? Except???where???

Let’s ignore the fact that she can’t sue him in the US because that letter is now his property (which I think is the only reason why TMsr hasnt been included in this lawsuit)

Homegirl has been sending jabs at her father left and right for MONTHS: grandparents picture with Doria, HMTQ and Prince Philipp, refusing to share pictures of Archie, not letting him see his grandson, saying she financed her uni studies through scholarship/on her own when she’s been singing her fathers praise on her old IG saying how great he was for paying her studies and so on and so on.

Let’s be honest this lawsuit and that statement are a joke.

I’m still on the fence if the Markles are in on it. The letter is from 2018, and they were loved up. It’s a trap for sure, we just have to figure out for who?  She may be drawing out her dad for the distraction & sympathy play. 

It sounds like the beginning all over again, we know Smegs wrote the last statement and dictated over the phone. Supercommas anyone?

Biting DM doesn’t sound right because they were more than happy to take copy off of Sunshine Sachs.  They could bury MM. 

Harry is in on it with her as long as Meghan has his ball in her purse. 


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