One of the Trump Haters is now admitting

One of Trump haters is now admitting that maybe Trump has been right? Correct. Barr and Durham got evidence. 


Yep, that’s right I did see this on Twitter. Carl is not a Trump fan in any way. It’s best to get out there before things go sideways with Durham and Barr. Save a tiny bit of credibility. 

In the event that Trump is impeached, he has the right to question his accusers in a court of law. It helps to be prepared with lots of signed affidavits. Just because they say you’re impeached you are allowed to mount a defense and be heard in front of the senate. Then it becomes a real trail that would catastrophic for the Democrats.  Hey, that’s what Rudy Giuliani is doing, how about them apples! He is allowed to do that for Pete’s sake.

I’m looking forward to fall edition to the American Inquisition. It keeps getting meaner by the day on the left. It’s fun when their story falls apart within days.

Always follow the Dan Bongino rule, wait 24 hours for the real story. 

Thank you anon,  🌸😎🥰


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