Anon said: Harry doesn’t listen to other people

Prince Harry ‘ignored advice of senior aides and didn’t tell Prince William or Prince Charles his plans’ before launching extraordinary attack on the press.


IMO the Times is wrong, check the IP on the site, one in London and another one is curiously Clifton, NJ made on Go Daddy.  I disagree that Harry wrote that statement; it’s almost like the original statement that my source said Meghan dictated it over the phone to KP back in 2016.


They claim they told them not to release that during the tour, but that means they were going to do it anyway?  Who are the senior aides?  Last time I checked, they sacked everybody, or they quit.


Another source claimed awhile back that Meghan intended on suing companies with deep pockets, but my intuition in this drama was it was totally set up by MM and her PR team from the beginning.  It started with the SM bots and LARPers attacking bloggers and reporters. That’s one thing the press forgot about; we received death threats almost every day.  What this did was add fuel to the fire and made even more vitriol amongst the bloggers on SM. I also decided not to blog 24/7 about the woke couple, but more bloggers jumped on the hate train in my place.  It won’t stop unless the press calls her out.


You’re being grifted DM!  I wouldn’t believe they are going to donate it to charity.


The PR was making her happen by using the blogs, and we came free and willing to make it so.


Just a reminder that Meghan was posting comments on the Daily Mail comment section, and Harry knew about it.  There is equal blame to go around here.


Prince Charles doesn’t look well, his blood pressure must be sky high! It must be from Harry, Meghan, and Prince Andrew, but more will come out soon about the Royal family and the pedo rings they were friendly with.  Jeffrey Epstein and Jimmy Savile were out in the open, come on, the BRF had MI6 at their disposal.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰



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