Anon said: Prince Harry is a Bully

It is ridiculous how Harry tries to bully everyone into liking Meghan. It won’t work. When you force people to like someone, you just dislike them even more. He’s so dumb, spoiled and arrogant but I guess he was always like that and now with Meghan by his side, we finally see the real him.

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Yep! Agreed! Harry the PR myth

What do we know? Meghan bitched until he lashed out and said, What Meghan wants Meghan gets.  Of course, that Tiara was off-limits and so was Windsor Castle.  I’m not sticking all the blame on Meghan but there is something called free will and Harry has none.  He’s a grown man capable of making his own decisions. This dreadful decision must lie firmly in his lap.


Prince William and Harry’s friends warned him, the blogs who loved him warned him and it fell on death ears, whoah is me, Harry. We told you Meghan was going to screw you over. No Milk for free mate!  Guess what Harry, the nightmare has just begun for you. You are about to be sucked dry mentally, physically and financially as she takes you away from those mean people to LA!  Where she will sue you in the California court system for alimony and child support.  Guess who pays? Prince Charles because he supports your lifestyle, and he will come under audit. That means the taxpayers of the UK.  People said No no no she can’t, oh yes they can and will.  What a grift!


It’s all speculation of course until it happens like the insider said Meghan is smarter than all of them combined.  They can’t say they didn’t see it coming.  Meghan Markle will be known as the woman that took down the Monarchy.  It’s in the cards and that’s the chatter I’m hearing. October is going to be a rough month for everyone.


Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰


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