Sky News – Harry

Harry can’t answer the question of what he hopes to achieve with his trip and tells the reporter she should ask his people.

OMG! How would they know, they didn’t write the statement?  He reprimands Rhiannon Mills, who has always been kind, but she is doing her job.

Harry is a coward. Harry doesn’t like confrontation, and I’d hate to be on that flight home with Meghan.  He’ll shut down and sulk the way home.  Instead of being a man and saying I stand by what I said, thank you, he runs away.


Get used to it Harry, no wonder they have nothing on the books for the next few months as Charlotte Wace reported.


If I were the Mail, I would question Ms. Wace; she does have connections with Meghan.


Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰


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