Anon said: I think it’s time for Harry to get a job, Just Saying

I think it’s time for Harry to get a job and a life if he is suing for something that almost happened 20 years ago. The main problem is that he is manipulated by Meghan and listens to the wrong people. The other article that he doesn’t seem to palace aides anymore seems to be true. Also, he doesn’t seem to talk to Charles and William anymore. He’s creating a war against the press and that will backfire in a very huge way one day.


He can dig ditches!  Get up at 5 am and fight traffic, dig the trenches all-day in the cold and heat.  Tell, Smeg to go to Primark. I think he is done!


I had anon tell me Meghan planned to sue big companies, not bloggers. She hates me, or she wouldn’t have Doxed us. What is she going to sue for used furniture?  A double-wide manufactured home, LOL  I don’t care, make fun of me.  It’s better than Meghan’s millions and Vets sleeping on the street in her neighborhood.  I got a roof, what do they have?  GREEDY

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Flirt much?

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰


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