I will be on later today I’m in moving

So right now I’m cleaning and doing laundry and trying to talk to you I don’t have my computer here just my cell phone and it’s making it impossible for me to answer enons right now. As the president would say it’s a disaster and it is. So hang in there I will get to all the requests.


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2 Comments on “I will be on later today I’m in moving”

  1. Yay!! How exciting for you JD. Take all the time you need to get your ‘nest’ in order. 😊☮️

    1. I’m so excited, it’s still not all the way done, but the master bath turned out great for us. We had to replace all the plumbing. Florida has scale buildup in metal piping, so we had to go all plastic tubing. It’s going to be like camping for the next few weeks. The neighbors have been dropping by, and we need another recycle bucket for all the beer cans, lol Weather is around 90 but a gentle breeze at night. Best time of year, but dry.

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