Anon said: The Scam

Where can I find the pictures you posted showing pre-engaged Meghan directing the camera to record prior to Harry’s arrival. Jessica Mulroney, Doria, and Marcus Anderson are also present. The pictures include Marcus in Harry’s face, Doria rubbing against him and running her fingers over the lapel of his jacket. It appears that he was let in on a scheme – part of the blackmail? He then proposed to Meghan.

Sorry, this late getting to you, I’ve had a lot going in the real world with moving, but I’ve been thinking about your anon.  I know it might be hard to find on the site since I had to upload over 62k posts and most aren’t properly categorized.  So I went back to my tumblr site and around the web to find you some pictures for you.


We speculated that MM and company scammed this entire play for fame and fortune.  I was told by a close source in March 2017 that MM had a recording she made of Harry from October 2016. She was shopping it around to tabloids and I guess who would pay her asking price of 35k, wow, right?  One of Murdoch’s people were scheduled to meet at Kruger and Cowne.  I never heard anything after that and kept it to myself until these pictures came out.


You look at the pictures from IG and it screams stalker, scammer, and grifter.  The blogs won battles but we lost Harry in the end, he fell prey to the Narcissist lore and look at the mess he is in now. I can’t blindly support him, I’d be nuts if I did.  I have to be as fair and objective as I can be.  Prince Harry is walking a tight rope without a net.  Since Meghan has introduced the world to WOKENESS George Soros and Hillary Clinton group think it led me to a bigger connection to the world of politics. It was there all along and we discouraged to dive further.


There are LARPERS, live-action role players in this disgusting play for fame and fortune.  My research has taught me they can well-trained dark PR, bots to change the minds of readers on social media. I did fall into that trap, but there are good and bad actors, you really don’t know who’s side they are on.  I had ultimately decided nope, there are more worthy causes like the victims of pedo abuse and saving our country from deep state actors, like Meghan Markle the Clinton Puppet.  I knew I get her that way, she really is full of 💩 and isn’t worth promoting but I know my readers want this.


Remember there are no coincidences and everything is connected.


The first picture is my screenshot, I was determined to promote the games since the Orlando Games. Harry won my heart that year and I felt important to protect him. I’m disappointed now.


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2 Comments on “Anon said: The Scam”

  1. These two are just for entertainment purposes only .They are the cherry on the top of the opiates of the masses cake . The grift , the hook , the mark ? Its all for you ……it’s just a ride 😉
    The RF have survived for 1200 years , they are masters of obfuscation , reinvention and most importantly survival .
    Meanwhile, in the real world real people are suffering horribly . One percent of the world’s population controls 50% of the worlds wealth and that figure is growing exponentially.

    The truth is this: the RF needs you more than you need them ! Without you, and the publicity they are given where would they be ? If you took away Harry’s titles , his glamorous lifestyle , his wealth , his connections , would you support him , concern yourself with his life , his wellbeing, or would he be dismissed as just another Playboy with too much time on his hands and too much money in his bank .
    Would you allow him to lecture the little people(which is you and me ) on how to live, or think ? ,
    Why do we live vicariously through these people ? Aren’t our own lives good enough ?

    1. Kitty, your comment was excellent! I agree. If we have to talk about the Royals, make it about the Cambridges. Enty, the Entertainment lawyer dropped a scoop about Smegs PR double down on the knee pad articles. She is paying for three a day. Why keep posting them on the Daily Mail? Why not ignore and say, see you in court?

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