Anon submits: DM- The Cambridges – finally something positive

… and no seats around them were emptied 😉

Finally, something positive and Royal! Thank you so much anon. We need more like this, and please send me these kinds of positive stories about the Royals.

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I can reveal, there isn’t anything out there against this fine couple.



One Comment on “Anon submits: DM- The Cambridges – finally something positive”

  1. Kate and William have “being Royal ” down to a fine art . They make themselves accessible and normal (even though they arent ) without that over familiarity which destroys the mystery that the RF must maintain to be Royal . The Cambridges make me smile , they play the “game ” they look good , and their children are simply adorable .
    If as a tax payer I have to pay for a RF , I would choose to only pay for these two .

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