Anon submitted: The Daily Mail – Sussex lawyers

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recruit ‘attack dog’ lawyers used by the rich and famous instead of Royal Family’s favoured firm in lawsuit over Thomas Markle letter.

IMO, all part of the plan from day one, To nail large companies for a big payday.


Let’s go to court! Meghan’s PR team will have to testify, Meghan will have to prove it, Harry will have to testify in open court. I hope they televise it!  Do you know how much the press will make on this? Do you know how much this will catapult Markle on the world stage? Everyone is going to make money, and I think a certain someone will have to make a public apology to get out flames.


The press is circling the wagons, and they will protect their own spreading the liability. This is going to cost Harry and Meghan a fortune in lawyer’s fees. It’s a big gamble by the WOKE couple.


Crickets from the BRF

Thank you, anon for being patient! 🌸😎🥰🐸


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