Anon said: Richard P. Tweet

I love Richard’s tweet. It says a lot that even Charles has had enough. He was the one who supported Harry all the time and his relationship with Meghan. Charles should have reigned those two in from the beginning and failed. Harry and his wife are now on his own, and it won’t end well for Harry one day. Cunning Meghan will probably fine after the divorce etc. And it’s obvious that William doesn’t have anything to do with the Sussexes anymore, even though Harry and Meghan’s fans claim that William supports his brother etc.

The BRF serves at the pleasure of the people, and they appreciate the attention giving to them by the press.  To turn against the media is suicide! Self-serving is not part of the Royal way. They are supposed to be selfless.

This is a clear message to me and one that’s appreciated.

Thank you anon, 🌸🥰😎


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