Anon said: Richard Palmer New Tweet

From a user: “Clearly dim harry has lost the plot and is lashing out against everyone – disrespecting his own grandmother The Queen, his family, the press..all because they are not bowing and scraping enough to him and his boss woman. Pitiful pair”

I appreciate the update to Richard’s tweet! The bloggers have been stating warnings since day one, and Meghan Markle didn’t disappoint. We are disturbed that Harry would turn on his family in this way. He proves he needs severe therapy and is unappreciative of the privilege he has received over the years.

The woke couple pulled a Jim Jones, they courted press and congressman and shot and killed them after the tour, then poisoned all the followers with kool-aid.  In a way, this precisely what they did!

Harry, not everything you do should be free of criticism, that’s life bub! Grow up!

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰


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