Anon said: Sussex lawsuits- didn’t even inform the Queen

Apparently, Harry and Meghan didn’t even inform the Queen about their lawsuits. They did it all on their own and that’s also the main reason why they use other lawyers than their “royal lawyers”. It’s really no wonder that Wills wants absolutely nothing to do with these two anymore.


Thank you anon, I agree with you!

Meghan’s Manic need for fame and fortune is insanity!Β  Harry going on with his immature rant, which I think MM wrote the statement, but Harry backing her up is shocking coming off a successful tour.


The woke couple assassinated the press! Talk about bad timing and dumbassery. What kind of PR is this? Career ending.



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2 Comments on “Anon said: Sussex lawsuits- didn’t even inform the Queen”

  1. Addictive JD 😁 These two have redefined the act of self immolation and sent it to nuclear explosion heights .
    Harry needs to decide whether he is the Prince or the Pauper . At the moment he stands in both camps and is doing both very badly .
    The solution is for Harry to man up , accept and embrace his role as a Prince and member of the BRF and the privileges and restrictions that go with such an elitist position , and to behave accordingly Or , renounce his title , those privileges, and become a member of the” great unwashed ” . Which of course he won’t do , he likes to have his cake and to eat it , with cream and cherries on top .

    1. I agree with Kitty, its a decision he should make but won’t. Harry’s game of playing the victim is distinct and completely overplayed. Don’t dare criticize me; I’ll dig Diana up again!

      Shaming everyone into compliance just like calling people racist, the race stun grenades don’t work anymore. People become resistant to the idea as bogus, which it is.

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