Harry and Meghan are supporting a charity against building the wall

OBAMA Started the Wall Dummies!

George Soros and George Clooney provide funding for the redistribution of people!

Stick with your own countries problems of immigration!

“Woke” used up couple

One Comment on “Harry and Meghan are supporting a charity against building the wall”

  1. Not many people either know or choose to acknowledge this JD .
    Many are still in denial that the ultimate American (and global dream) in the form of a bi- racial POTUS was nothing more than an insubstantial wraith , something not real .
    Obama was chosen to appeal to all social and racial demographics , he was the liberal left wing poster boy for tolerance, the Dream and what we now refer to as “wokeness ”

    Unfortunately most people were literally entranced by what they believed Obama stood for and didn’t notice how the spell cast over them closed their eyes to the illusion
    Obama was portrayed as a Messianic figure , aided and abetted by his globalist friends . Oprah Winfrey asking “Are you the One” at a political rally was deeply disturbing and no one challenged this outrageous behaviour and implied message .
    The use of NLP and mantras tailored for “the agenda ” reinforced Obama’s position as “Saviour”
    The policies didn’t fit the manifesto and the legend . It was all smoke and mirrors with a large dose of misdirection .
    The rest is history .
    The unelected Harkles are continuing the Obama” legacy” .

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