I’ve moved Harry and Meghan to the Hollywood Category

I decided since they don’t act in a dignified manner, they belong in the whinger category of Hollywood.  You can still talk about them, but I don’t like anything they are about.  Send me Cambridge’s.


You are allowed to reblog my stuff, however, please use the URL, don’t take what I say and make it yours, you know who you are.


Thank you to all the new followers on the website. Don’t forget to like and reblog. I love posting videos and adding my opinions because, after all, it’s on the internet. I love promoting Dan Bongino Show, Sean Hannity, and Tucker.


Qanons are always welcome, and I can’t wait to start bringing channel eight here. The storm is here, and we are taking back our country! If you want your youtube channel promoted, send me anon with the link. Let’s get the word out! Trump 2020


thanks, JD 🌸😎🥰


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