Tiffany Fitzhenry breaking news! WOW



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  1. Not surprising , it’s a business and the most important currency there is in this” business” is information . Sex trafficking , paedophilia is the easiest way to both generate and control this information stream .
    We know this happens , but the real question is who are the controllers behind the “brokers ” the procurers , the handlers ?
    Don’t believe for a second that everything” revealed ” is as it seems . Controlled opposition is often used to misdirect . Some players will be sacrificed (scapegoated ) to appease the masses then back to business as usual .
    Who controls the players ?

    1. Good Morning kitty, I do often wonder who is the top dog or dogs in this unethical practice of using humans. Most of the monsters we’ve encountered use multiple services, they can’t seem to get enough. Sexual addiction, like other addictions, is hard to break, and with these people, blackmail comes with the territory, so why do it? As we learned, information is king, go along to get along, and you come out richer for it destroying what is left of your moral compass. Well, that is if you had one, to begin with.

      1. These people have no moral compass JD . They are of” another kind ” what humanity they possesed has long gone . Their alliegences are not to anything we would recognise , it exists outside the realm of our understanding .

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