Anon submits: DM- Sebastian Shakespeare – Sussex Foundation- Soho connection

Soho Connections

Soho House has always been there front and center, which makes me laugh. They couldn’t be more obvious. The Narcaholic was going to have her way no matter what any royal courtier said, even though this is destined to go down in flames.

Unicef is a dirty business and with the vaccine scandals, misappropriations of money, child abuse.  Why not hire Kirsty to continue the alleged money laundering scheme, everybody else does it? Right? What could possibly go wrong?

Straight up, free PR article looks at me! Wee

Soho House has direct links to Ron Burkle, Harvey Weinstein, Sunshine Sachs, Clinton Foundation, the yachting industry, grooming of hungry artists.

I do understand fibromyalgia pain, and I don’t see how she would keep up with the Duchess of Duress.

Thank you so much anon, 🌸😎🥰



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