Anon said: DM Comments deleted

Meghan and Harry’s PR team is back to deleting comments, many people complain about that on this article:

It’s apparently not allowed to call him out for his fake behavior on stage last night.


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JHC, Harry WTF are you doing?


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2 Comments on “Anon said: DM Comments deleted”

  1. There is no excuse for this man’s behaviour. Not mental health , or any possible personality disorder , this just points to unadulterated self indulgence on Harry’s part .
    There is nothing worse than being told your beloved child has a life altering or life limiting illness .
    It literally destroys part of your soul , dreams for you and your child and any sense of a future . The pain is simply unbearable.
    Most of these parents feel isolated and set apart from the rest of society , it can feel like living in an alternate universe .
    This charity gives these parents the chance to speak to others in the same position and to feel as if they belong in the land of the living .
    Most importantly it honours them and their children and gives them the chance to tell their “story ” .
    Harry hijacked their story and made it his own with his pathetic emoting .
    This should be Harry’s last public appearance he is a disgrace .

    1. It’s the Dan Bongino rule, wait 24 to 72 hours for The Story, not a story. They trashed a tour to whine they are existing and not living, please you little đŸ¤¬. It was a total failure, and I can’t wait for them to come to the US.

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