Anon submitted: Daily Mail – Sussex documentary

Funny how he went on then to marry a fame and media-hungry woman. Sorry but this guy is fake and uses his dead mother to justify his and his wife’s poor behavior. Sorry but this guy has turned into a lying weirdo. He and his wife love all the attention. They just don’t like it when people criticize them. They want to get worshipped all the time.

Oh jeez, after watching the video, I got to tell you I felt resentment from Harry, the roll, the job, his family, the pressure, oh my.

Dear Harry, try living in the real world and go to work and dig ditches all day, feed and house you’re children on 500 quid a week!  Not one person in the world will stop you from leaving your Royal privileged life. A Matter of fact, we would applaud you if you did.

Get outpatient, intensive therapy quick.

thanks anon, 🌸😎🥰


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