Telegraph – Duke of Sussex says Camera clicks and flashes remind him of his mother

Hannah Furness wrote this article, and the Telegraph is a legitimate news source, I want to make that clear.


PTSD  is incredibly hard to deal without help, sounds, smells, visual happenings can bring the patient back to the time of the original hurt. It’s got to be so hard to deal with an aggressive wife looking and pushing the fame factor instead of the one thing Harry really wanted a private wife. Harry’s failure to listen to courtiers and friends, that this is not a good match for him or England.

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Sadly, we have to watch the dismantling of our Prince Harry by a narcissistic being looking for total loyalty and worship.  Don’t get me wrong; it’s his fault for being impulsive and jumping into this so quickly.  The Royal family let him have his way, and MeAgain twisted the Diana 2.0 narrative until it hurt.

I warned about this from the beginning of what would happen. We are witnessing this right before our eyes.


Claims from anon said He could handle it with his Army training. Ah, no, he isn’t handling anything well at this point.  The passive approach is a disaster! You let the monster free to terrorize the British peoples.  That’s my opinion.


I feel sorry for Harry, and I haven’t been able to watch this shit show because it makes me sick to my stomach. IMO the lawsuit is total PR; if it were real, the press wouldn’t publish bubkis about the left woke couple, talk to my lawyer. I don’t even think he is an awakened person, and he is going along to get along. With that said, I believe it’s eating his insides out and, therefore, these quirky outbreaks. Meghan writes all his material he needs to speak with remarkably bad results.


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