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Wonderful and inspiring JD. Thank you for sharing this. There is always a plan, even though, at times, we fail to see the bigger picture.
Reading your “story ” it’s obvious to me God had bigger things for you. You were chosen for these children. Someone had to love them unconditionally and fight for them in a way no one else could .

The care system here is pretty much the same as the US, so many scandals involving children in Care and always the usual platitudes, “lessons will be learned ”

Keep on being a Warrior! Always speak out, this attitude is what the world desperately needs.

Much love, Kitty ❤❤❤


You’re welcome, Kitty,  if I didn’t get uterine cancer, I would have kicked the SW ass for taking all of little one’s clothes.  I think it’s essential to try to make awareness and inform people of the going’s on of agencies entrusted to care for children.  That was my empty chair letter.

The recent  Child services bust in California has brought all those feelings back again.

Let’s try to get the word out, and maybe people will start fighting for children!


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  1. I believe that most people see this abuse in isolation and not as something endemic and systemic .
    Look at the Jeffrey Epstein case , it is becoming less the headline news and will soon be consigned to something only found in the Alt community .
    The sad truth is : no one wants to know JD , it’s uncomfortable and most do not like to be “disturbed ”
    We live in a very materialistic age , materialism is not really just about collecting “stuff ” it’s a state of being , a turning away from truth , goodness and absolutes . Relativism has now become how we view the world , and it creates a sense of apathy , and apathy will be the attitude that eventually destroys our humanity and the spark of the divine found in all of us .
    We have to fight for our children , wherever they are. Our children are our future and are too precious to be treated with anything other than unconditional love .
    Let’s get the word out . Even if only one person listens , we have won , it’s always about the one , and the next one ……..

    1. I agree with Kitty, We have to drip drop it in, and people will become aware of the filthy pigs in this world. Dark to light. God bless you and the children that can’t be heard. Justice is coming, hang in there.

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