Harry doesn’t like the media, yet he married someone who is obsessed with the media and social media, someone who craves attention and is hungry for fame and power. For a job he’s been doing all his life, he allows her to introduce herself 1st and write his speeches. Also, his new best friends Oprah, Gayle, and Ellen are part of the media, and he allowed them to visit him personally in his home and to talk about him on TV.

His new best friends are all celebrities who use the media to promote themselves. Meg has been using her friends to speak through the media and social media. I would believe he doesn’t like the media if he chooses to live a private life with no public role. I don’t doubt that he’ll always grieve for his mother. But I think he’s also learned to use it as a get out of jail free card.

You can’t be mean to me, my mother died. You can’t criticize me, my mother died. Feel sorry for me, my mother died. I can do what I want, my mother died. I know I sound harsh, but many people have lost a parent in far worse circumstances and don’t use it as a crutch for the rest of their lives. He’s very obviously using his mother’s death to counteract the bad publicity and his and his wife’s unpopularity, which is pretty shameful.

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It’s a disaster PR plan, and I can’t believe they are still digging Diana up as an excuse for bad behavior.  Ask yourself, who is Harry irate about?  Harry keeps saying, the role, the family, the media, Whoah is me, my media-obsessed wife is Diana 2.0, can’t you all see it?! Meghan’s is perfect, and she tells me every day, even though she never reads about herself.  We both despise the internet, but they are directing the UBER dangerous fans to attack other people’s criticisms with death threats.


They ruined a tour that was supposed to be about HM and the commonwealth. The Sussex’s IMO pre-planned this attack on the United Kingdon and the BRF. They are both paranoid!

Yes, they are a lovely couple from Woke Hell preaching the Hillary Clinton and George Soros lunatic ideas.  It’s almost as bad as Duke and Duchess of Windsor visiting Hilter.

Please go away soon!