Anon said: MM Well Planned Out Scam

What she is doing now (with the documentary and so on ) is a well planned out scheme. She will go back to America as a victim and say how the UK treated her badly, and she will show all the headlines from the press on Oprah to prove it. She will also say she was not liked because of her heritage, “because I wasn’t white enough for them”, you can just see it all playing out, because this is how she likes to manipulate and cause trouble around colour.

How to be both, BS! Not once did Meghan Markle conform to the Royal Way. She ran and burnt out every staff member to death!  Smeg threw hot tea on her personal assistant!


I can’t wait for Megs to come back to America and get preachy. Oprah’s going to have to deal with her problems with the associations she has.  The Patriots are in control, that’s going to be funny.  Things will reappear from the dark web. Timing is everything!

How dumb can they be?

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰


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