Anon said: MM the narcissist/documentary

Meghan is loving this! She’s gleefully swiveled the attention from Catherine to herself this week quite on purpose. Meghan is a mental case and an addict. Her drugs of choice are constant drama, cameras, and a whipped-up audience. Getting over 30,000 comments on DM the other day must have been such a high for her!

She doesn’t care if it’s positive or negative attention – just so she’s in the center of it. She’s reduced Harry to nothing, literally shoved him aside, even erased his name to a mere “H” in the documentary – he’s just the means to fulfill her own ambitions and endless wants. That’s all he’s ever been to her. It’s incredible that he doesn’t see it, but keeps giving her what she demands.

One minute it’s pleadings and lawsuits for privacy, the next she’s spilling her guts on TV, and he’s parroting her. One minute she’s sucking up to the family she never had, the next she’s ghosting them and isolating Harry from them. It goes on and on. For God’s sake, Harry, wake up!


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I have goosebumps, Anon!  I have Katie Hopkins in my head with her tears from the Aus interview.

This situation is so darn funny if it wasn’t so sad for the clueless Harry. The enemy is right by your side, nincompoop!

Is this his passive-aggressive attempt to tell us things are not okay between him and Meghan? Or is he a better actor than Schmegma?


When poor Rhinnion Mills asked him a simple question, and his response was bizarre, he pointed and said, ask them? There was nobody there to ask what the hospital? Are the voices in his head that see imaginary people telling him what to do?


You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink from the lake of reality.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰😹



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