Submission: Duke and Duchess of Double Standards


For months we have been bombarded with the message that Meghan is sharp as a whip. I’m still waiting for proof of that. Clearly, someone with a working brain would have been able to predict that this wasn’t going to go down well?

What Meghan and H are failing to realize is that we know what they are up to. They don’t want what everyone else has – they want what no one has – the right to do and say one thing and then criticize people for doing the same.

Think about it.

– She judged her own father for gossiping to the media and then sent people out to gossip about him. To the media.

– Harry judged everyone for polluting the planet and then took his family on serial leisurely private Carbon-emission jet-rides.

– Now they throw hissyfits because the media talks about them, and what do they do? They talk about the media to the media. Yes, my brain hurts too.

Clearly, it didn’t occur to them that: if you go on camera and attack the press – you just gave the press permission to do the same to you. If you’re private, it means no tear filled accusations or mentioning your private lives on camera. Ever. You can’t play with the media like that. It’s like going to the zoo and slapping the bars to the lion cage with a piece of red meat and then bust into tears when the lion tries to get at you through the bars.

I tried something for a few days earlier this month. I went on a no-Sussex media diet. Meaning I didn’t go to my favourite tumblrs, and I didn’t google things like “meghan”, “prince harry” or “crazy unhinged Sussex duo.”

I had two whole days without a single word about the couple even though I spent time on the Internet. Not one sugary article, scathing criticism or ironic blogpost. Most of the world don’t talk about them. So if I can go on a no-Sussex diet this easily, why can’t Meghan?

It is possible not to be offended if you are Meghan Markle. All you need to do is take care of your baby, feed H his doggy-biscuits when you let him out of the cage – and stop googling your own name.

It should be easy to understand if you are as sharp as a whip. Unless of course you are so much of a narcissist that you’re not living but only existing when you can’t google your own name?


I love this! This anon is right, take a step back for a day or two, and you realize nobody gives a shit, crickets.  There are more important things in life and better dramas to cover. 


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