Alleged Pedo Randy Andy goes to Bangkok!

Why in the hell is this man still allowed to travel and all places Bangkok!  Thailand is the pedo capital of child lovers all over the world.  BRF doesn’t give a crap what you think! They are going to keep the douche bag and the yachter no matter how hard you protest against them.  There is going to come a time to vote them out and it’s looking that way as the BRF continues down this path.  If you read Kitty links, Prince Charles is all in on the New world order. 


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  1. You’re right JD . None of these people are going anywhere . Looking at this does makes you wonder if a FU message is being sent , it’s so horribly lacking in sensitivity.
    The RF like to practice never complain , never explain , or is it more this :

    This :

    Don’t forget this:

    How wonderful to be in this position ! If this were a member of the proletariat , it would be straight to prison , or would it ? Our tolerance levels to paedophilia and child abuse are being tested constantly .
    Ironically the constant exposé’s of these trafficking paedophilia rings give the impression that this is all part of the human condition and is” how it is ”
    Schools are bringing in new sex ed initiatives that frankly can only be described as state approved grooming .
    Are we being pushed towards accepting paedophilia as just another sexual orientation ?
    Do the research , look at your governments legislation (where ever you are ) Be prepared to be shocked .

  2. Kitty, I have goosebumps! I agree with you, and it’s a big middle finger, How Dare you! Don’t you know who we are?!! Yep, hypocrites are everywhere!

  3. Will do . Found some articles , legislation and links that may be very unpleasant but it’s real .. We all have a choice here , either accept this is happening , get out of our so called cognitive dissonance and speak up against the terrible abuse happening to our children .(some in the name of “education ” ) It may be disturbing for us but for these kids it’s life changing and threatening .

    Abuse rips through the generations , it doesn’t stop with the one child . It destroys our humanity and depersonalises and degrades every one of us . We are all being groomed to believe that the sexualisation of our children is normal , it isnt . By turning away , being apathetic , and accepting the unacceptable we are complicit, in all this , its that simple .

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