DM- Prince Andy should go to jail!

‘Prince Andrew should go to jail’: Jeffrey Epstein’s Australian sex slave Virginia Roberts slams royal for denying he had sex with her when she was just 17 as she returns to NYC mansion where his paedophile pal held her captive


2 Comments on “DM- Prince Andy should go to jail!”

  1. The words should , could and will are not applicable or relevant in this case . The only word with any relevance is never .
    PA will not be the person scapegoated in this particular case . Someone will be . Eventually . It pacifies the general population clamouring for justice
    For Andrew to be arrested and charged with anything connected with paedophilia or other abuses would cause a constitutional crisis in the UK.

    The RF are arguably the most powerful family in the world . The other players in this nightmare scenario are equally as powerful . Normal rules don’t seem to apply .
    Epstein is no more; as far as these people are concerned, it’s game over .
    Some where some one else is no doubt continuing with Epsteins “work “

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