Anon submitted: Andrew’s downfall

‘Downfall of the ‘favourite’: He was a national hero and the apple of his mother’s eye, but greed, arrogance and jealousy proved Prince Andrew’s undoing. RICHARD KAY and GEOFFREY LEVY reveal how close friends urged the Duke of York to step back

Well, that wasn’t very royal now was it, Richard Kay and Geoffrey Levy threw the prince under the double-decker bus.

As the walls of the palace are crumbling under its own weight of corruption, one does wonder how the rest of England is coping with this newfound information. Not the sycophants on tumblr, but real people. HMTQ has tried her best to cover it up or is plain naive, which I don’t think she is.

Since getting rid of the most trusted advisors at the palace has had this slow snowball effect hasn’t done them any good. Prince Charles and Prince Andrew have left themselves in a pickle to end the monarchy as we know it.  It’s only a matter of time when Prince Charles is questioned for the same thing as Prince Andrew. The selling of the monarchy,  the foundation that was used as money laundering schemes. the call girls/sex slaves, he paid Katherine Zeta-Jones 15 pounds a week to be his lover.

I’m sure it’s just the tip of the iceberg, stay tuned more to come.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰

PS: I guess the Queen lost playing the game of chess

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  1. The truth is the general public in GB don’t care . We have far to much other “stuff ” to be concerned about . Most of their support and fascination for them seems to come, ironically from countries that are without a monarchy . After the initial shock horror and opportunity for gossip any interest in them and their antics will die down .
    We do have a strange relationship with all things Royal , the RF are an institution, they’re part of the infrastructure that makes Britain Britain In other words they just “are ” . Most of their supporters are the older working and the older middle (church going) classes , church attending simply because the Queen is the head of the Church of England (.The RF are also supposed to represent the middle class ideal of family , which is increasingly becoming obvious that they don’t. )
    There are now less than one million people in GB regularly attending church of England services or registered as Church of England congregants .
    As the Queen and the C of E are inextricably linked once the Queen dies and we continue to become an increasingly secular society the need or desire for a monarchy will also die too . Interestingly Charles has stated that he will become “defender of faiths ” which will instantly seperate him from the main C of E social and spiritual demographic
    Our young people are not in the slightest bit interested in a monarchy , the idea that for example Markle and Prince Harry are a draw for this younger generation is a fallacy and fantasy the RF are deluding themselves with .
    The Sussexes for instance are both too old and irrelevant to the lives of the young people they are supposed to appeal to. These young people are finding it impossible to buy their own home , struggling with university tuition fee debt and finding jobs . The entitled , incredibly wealthy “woke ” Sussexes are most certainly not on their radar .

    . As more unsavoury information is revealed about the RF the question for most working Britain’s will be are these entitled pampered people value for money , do we want to fund a life style of Palaces and privilege that is unattainable for most .Are the Royal Family an expensive irrelevant anachronism ?
    The answer is increasingly becoming a resounding no .

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