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As you just celebrated Thanksgiving JD, I thought I would explore the deeper meaning of our relationship with food and how by growing the food we can change our individual small corners into a paradise.
Pam Warhurst founder of Incredible Edible Ted Talk


Guerilla Gardening


In America.

Ron Finley on Guerilla Gardening

Two more examples of Urban Farming.

Guerilla Gardening Website.


We can grow herbs in a windowsill if we have no garden. Anything we grow is good for the body and soul.

Food as Love.

Food Really is Love – with Marc David

When we invite anyone into our home to eat we are asking them to enter our most sacred space: our home. We drop all barriers.
We are making a covenant of reconciliation, and thankfulness not just between each other but with God and Nature itself.
In the food we eat, made with love, we are literally sharing love, filling the spaces between us with that love.
Food is Love and Medicine for all.
Kitty ❤❤❤

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These are fantastic links you put together, when we work together we can do great things together, and one of those things is to plant a garden.  As the man said, if we grow it, they will eat it.

It doesn’t matter where you live or what kind of soil you have, and you can grow it. The soil is pretty crappy here, and my idea was to plant in a pots that palms come in; they are huge.  I have to find a volunteer to dig it into the soil.  That way, I can fill it full of excellent soil and make Jersey tomatoes cause they are lousy here.

Food has always been such an important thing we take for granted; it brings back old memories of how mom or grandma used to make it. Mine is how my father used to bring the bulldozer home and tear down the forest in our back yard to make 1/2 acre garden.  It gave him much joy to hand bushels of crops to neighbors. It’s now part of a shopping center.

There nothing like freshly grown food to bring the family together,  I know that some dread the holidays coming up, but think if you lost that someone how it would affect you? Relish in the joy that you have a family to go home too.  My family is 898 miles away.   Yesterday, on Thanksgiving, we put together a smoker grill combo and smoke three racks ribs. It would have been better with family.

Thank you, kitty, for all the beautiful things you have done to make our website more delightful! 🌸🥰💋JD


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  1. Thank you JD . It’s such a joy and a privilege to work with you . ❤ Living so far away from family can be so hard I miss my parents terribly . . Im still amazed at the scale and size of America nearly 900 miles ! Britain is only 874 miles from Lands End to John O’Groats ! I thought that my 300 miles away from my family was a long way .
    Everything in my family has been centred around food , I have wonderful memories of long meals with lots of laughter , talking and eating . It’s something we have continued with our children .
    I agree with you , we should always try to remember how precious our family is , even when they can be frankly sometimes annoying 😊

    Ultimately everything is all about how we love and how we are loved . So simple and yet it seems so hard .

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