What they fail to mention is Prince Andrew is a serial rapist

They keep saying to you; he was only with Virginia Roberts three times. What they aren’t telling you is that Prince Andrew was a serial rapist. There are plenty of victims out there from Malaysia to the ranch in Arizona!

Has Prince Charles claimed to want to slim down the monarchy by giving Eugenie a house on the grounds of KP?  What is her rent? The welfare price for London?

The second inline have a terrible time trying to figure out where they fit in, are they Royal or are they celebs?  Look at Margeret, Andrew, and Harry lost puppies.

Harry was easily picked off by grifter.  Harry’s problem was he talked too much while drinking at Soho House.  Markus Anderson moved Meghan Markle in for the kill, and now we have all of this.

I think it’s funny that Hillary Clinton insisted on meeting with Meghan Markle, Prince William, before the bad news coming out. Is this a coincidence?  There are no coincidences!

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  1. I expect there have been lots of “deals ” behind the scenes between the RF all the secret services , other interested parties including the Clinton contingent .
    Hillary Clinton certainly wasn’t here just to promote her book and appear on chat shows .
    This scandal has the potential to bring governments down and to destroy the BRF .
    Sacrifices must be made (in public) to appease the proletariat. What really happens is on a need to know basis and we dont need to know .

  2. I’m sure there is, but to keep reporting that he only did this three times is ridiculous. I think that people will think that she looked older and that Ghislaine was an acquaintance. Notice we haven’t heard squat about MM? Did Hillary pull that plug? She is with Sunshine Sachs.

  3. They are trying to keep the lid on it . It’s the same as Dutroux , the Portuguese paedophile scandal , Savile and others . It’s all about plausible deniability . The truth will never be revealed JD and the presstitutes that call themselves journalists won’t or can’t do their jobs .
    All these places metaphorically lead to Rome . Same people , same reasons , and do you see anyone ( general public) shouting about this ? No . It’s because most people are too fatigued , mentally, physically and spiritually to give a …..
    We are all too busy buying stuff , working to surviveand being distracted by the opiates of the masses to really care because its nothing to do with “us ” is it ?
    It sickens me , I think the human race is becoming mad , bad and sad .
    MM . Maybe someone is worried ? If this isn’t effectively contained , who knows where this may go . Maybe Killary has no use for her new best friend . Everyone is expendable.
    So much more going on than we know of . I just go on the premise that nothing is coincidental . It can’t be .
    All these people are immensely powerful and can not afford to make mistakes. They rely on the gullibility of the general public and our belief that these monsters are our masters . Until we wake up nothing will change . .

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