DM – Harry and Meghan spent Thanksgiving with close family

Where are the pictures? The paps have the house surrounded.  This PR fluff piece says Markle is a great chef! Chef, really? Sorry, she’s she giving orders to someone, somewhere. Close family? Who’s that? Harry said she didn’t have anyone.


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  1. I have been blocked from almost every single site that is anti-MM and PH. Who do I complain to? This is so not an American/Free Speech attitude that SS is taking. Are there measures being taken to sue them? I liked these sites because they provided balance to the puff pieces that I would question from her (MM) PR and give a more measured view of the statements being made. I have long since eliminated OS/Sussex insta? and all things from Toronto papers that she seems to be writing. Her responses to Skippy are so transparent because her writing style is childish and for someone with a College education (Northwestern you should be ashamed!) her immature and minimal level of intellect is frighteningly poor. MM’s Father should ask for his money back, especially now that we know her tuition was paid twice…by Me-gain and her Father!

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