Express – Prince Charles gives President Trump the middle finger

 Do you think this is funny, well I got to tell you that the patriots have the dirt on Charles? He was discreet with Jeffrey Epstein, but he used his service just like baby brother Andrew.  Prince Charles called Epstein for call girls for his young sons back in the day.  Is Prince Andrew your sacrificial lamb, Prince Charles?

3 Comments on “Express – Prince Charles gives President Trump the middle finger”

  1. Really ? I’m absolutely appalled to see this . How utterly rude and disrespectful to a visiting head of state . Regardless of any opinion Charles has of Donald Trump, that opinion should remain private .
    The RF are becoming a liability and proving themselves to be so with their inappropriate behaviours .
    The disgusting scenes with Trudeau , Macron and Johnson were also shameful , what happened to statesmanship?
    Our so called leaders are nothing more than venal self serving psychopaths .

    Here is something I’ll be putting in part 2 of my Andrew article JD .

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