Prince Andrew to attend Christmas Walk – No punishment

They will start the rehabilitation of his reputation, he isn’t getting punished!


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  1. The RF will say this is family attending their Christmas church service , so a private not public affair to which the public are” invited ” to take part in .
    However….. what they are really doing is re -presenting Andrew at a “soft ” event , judging how he will be received by the people or in this case sheeple watching from their pens . Yes , they are herded into areas that can only described as pens .

    The members of the public who attend this worship of the Royals fest are die hard Royalists willing to travel 100’s of miles for a glimpse of their idols and the middle classes who would support the Royals whatever the circumstances . So , not a particuarly wide demographic , no booing or jeering which will convince the RF all is well and it’s business as usual .

    Of course this is yet another FU ( as was Thailand ) to the general public and a very public demonstration of unity and support by the Royals , and if you carry on regardless and keep on with that plausible deniability everything will be all right and the general public will , in time forgive and forget.

    Andrew will be slapped on the wrist ,( his job as scapegoat done ) but will be back (by stealth ) in the public domain after a suitable period of purdah , then it will be: pip pip, tally ho ! crumpets, once again . Oh to be a Royal , what a jolly super life it must be 😁

    1. Exactly! This is perfect. They knew what they were doing, they slammed the press with tons of information and then there will be nothing. Prince Randy goes on with his scams to make money and rape young people.

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