I was a communications major at American University in DC in 2002. The above-referenced book was assigned in our PR class. I remember thinking nobody should vote until they have read this book. Easy read. Eye-opening! The poster asked about it. It was during this time that the US media became corporatized. My cohorts who majored in Journalism changed careers because of this. So what they with the money would have you believe. We learned to write PR stories in AP style. So the news is now propaganda like 1960 Russia or 43 Germany. Look for info from “the horse’s mouth”. (As a side note: While at an alumni seminar at AU just before the last election an AU professor sneeringly said, “If Trump gets elected, the plan is to impeach. “ He gave Trump a vote that day for letting me know democrats trying to sabotage democracy.

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Wow, that’s right. It’s entertainment news 24/7 or propaganda. Everything is who can get the better headline, who can be salacious. That’s has been their plan before day one!

Once he said I’m draining the Washington swamp, they went on the defensive.  They like the sheeple not asking questions and going on grazing, doing what they are told.  

Trump is making everything transparent by tweeting to let people know what’s really happening. Some can’t take it; others have mounted a campaign to take him down at all costs. 

Globalists are going down! Trump is stopping the global economy based on OPEC trading and going back to TRADE. That ought to piss a lot of people off.   Bringing back the gold standard, telling the central bank to 🤬 off. 

Thank you so much anon!