Anon Said: Love how the narcissist are in focus

Love how the narcissist (and her Hollywood teeth) are in focus but Harry has been relegated to a blur! The close up of Archie is also a fail. Go and see your grandfather (and Meghan’s dad whilst you’re at it). The photo looks like it was photoshopped by an amateur. Looks like Meghan put it together, then photoshopped it after one too many cocktails. Comes across as a composite of three separate photos. Or 4 photos if you add the Christmas tree.


Yeah, that’s a scream!  I do agree she should go see her father. I occasionally talk to Sam Markle and the book is still a work in progress. Sam said she waiting for the ending. 

Yeah, it’s not professional in any way befitting a royal.  Meghan got one out anyway. 

Thank you, Anon, 🎄