Fergie has been the pot stirrer from the start

As we learned through Enty, the entertainment lawyer that Fergie and Eugenie have been dropping blind items about Meghan Markle.

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First off, do we believe this?  I think we should, and I might add, have kept up the shit show with a particular blogger that I won’t name. They took you down a false path.  Fake baby, making up riddles that led nowhere and time and time again they were proven wrong at every corner.  Wait and see, right?

Look, Meghan Markle is hoe bag, we all know that from our research but to lead us down the wrong path is wrong.  We all wanted the truth, and I said it’s all a distraction from Andrew, and it was.  I said all roads lead to the Yorks.

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Since this has come to light, I speculate that maybe the Yorks had hired Meghan Markle, meeting her at Soho House.  Remember, Meghan wasn’t supposed to marry Harry. It’s a little hard to control someone that has gone rogue. I was told by sources (not anons) that Meghan does have a recording of Harry talking, and she sold that information to the highest bidder.

Yet Harry still loved her, and Meghan just like him to get married. Now, she is in control and will take Harry to Canada. Does anyone care if he goes? Probably not.

We had two LARPS one was Harry’s side, and the other was Meghan Markle’s.  It clashed hard and fast and led to people threatening to kill one another.  What a disaster!

There could be a big tidal wave coming the Royals way because everything isn’t out yet.  We are only at the beginning of what we know.  It boils down to Fergie, the girls, and of course, Andrew.

Harry is spewing his guts out to Meghan, and it’s said she is the one writing the book on the Royals. Who knows what will be mentioned.

I wanted to add that someone was dropping blinds on Eugenie and Beatrice, Meghan Markle?


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  1. Who says the Borgias are dead ? The BRF may look as if they are a modern RF , but they are far from that . These people are not in any way like you or I , to think so is just wishful thinking and too many Hallmark movies . This story if true illustrates perfectly how the machinations of the Royals , court intrigue and in fighting have not changed for 1200 years .
    Andrew is just the tip of a huge iceberg

  2. I agree with kitty, and there is much more to come. I had to say something about that blind. The LARP’s had left after the marriage. I’d say one went to August and I was asking too many questions.

  3. The”Rotten Royals ” Deanne 😁 Totally ruthless people , if we didn’t live in a so called democracy we’d still be bowing and scraping to this lot . They have just adapted and reinvented themselves but they are still mediaeval in their attitude to the” peasants ”


    Very revelatory .

  4. Ugh. They are all disgusting.

    And welcome Anna! I’m Vintage the disappearing soul. LMAO

  5. How’s about this : everybody has mental health , everything is classified as mental health (in the DSM eating healthy food is classified as mental health ) everyone needs “help ” or medicating .
    A population reliant on mood altering drugs , sound familiar ?

    Aldous Huxley . Brave New World .

  6. A little birdie told me that she drugged harry and made a recording. Meghan than sold it to the highest bidder during her dating with harry. Harry just wanted a booty call, instead, he got the Succubus.

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