Meghan Markle was ‘on the brink’: Prince Harry agreed to quit the Royal family and fast-tracked plans as he feared his ‘unsettled’ wife would have a ‘meltdown’ if she remained in the UK

  • Sources claim the Duke and Duchess’ statement this week was fast-tracked as Meghan was ‘on the brink’
  • Prince Harry reportedly grew concerned of his wife’s welfare in the UK and fast-tracked plans to step back
  • Break in Canada helped Meghan decide their family would be better off spending more time in North America

Ahead of this crunch Sandringham summit:

  • ITV presenter and Sussex confidante Tom Bradby said the couple could give a ‘no-holds-barred’ interview  that could further damage the Royal Family. Courtiers fear Meghan could brand the household racist;
  • Royal aides were poised to spell out the punitive taxes that could be inflicted on Harry and Meghan if they press ahead with their plans to quit; 
  • A video from July emerged where Harry seemed to tell head of Disney Meghan is interested in doing voiceovers. She has since been given work with the company; 
  • Prince Philip was said to be livid with the current crisis ravaging the Family;
  • A source rubbished speculation the Sussexes plan to settle down on Vancouver Island where they spent Christmas and instead touted Toronto or LA as potential cities;
  • It emerged Meghan sneaked back to Vancouver Island on a £134 budget flight; 
  • It was revealed Meghan and Kate Middleton haven’t spoken in over six months after the sisters-in-law severed all communication on a family WhatsApp group 
  • Reuters reported that negotiations between Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, Kensington Palace and the Sussex household has been progressing well;
  • Her Majesty was pictured stony-faced as she emerged from her Norfolk estate behind the wheel of her Land Rover for the second day running