Anon said: No mental health issues

Harry has no mental health issues, its a smokescreen to cover up his BLACKMAILING of his own Family. His friend Tom Blackby admitted that now. If he doesn’t get to keep Frogmore and the Titles, all Family secrets will be revealed in the planned TV interviews scheduled next week. Don’t be fooled by him, its called EXTORTION!

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I have no doubt its blackmail, Meghan Markle is getting Harry to do her dirty work.  It’s end-stage NARC and he is about to commit the ultimate sin but he’s had a few days without Markle. One thing Harry is scared of is the Queen. Make no mistake she isn’t some cotton top sweet old lady. She has powerful courtiers behind her.  He could have a hunting accident, get my drift? 

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  1. It’s all getting very interesting and rather nasty . Harry has no idea that this is going to end very badly . The whole family dynamic is toxic , it can’t be emphasised enough that these people are of “another kind ” and are not remotely like anyone else on the planet . Their attempt to appear like an upper middle class family is all smoke and mirrors
    However , it has to be said that Harry is no innocent in all this .
    What isn’t there already can’t be brought out even by the most devious of Narcs . Harry has free will .
    My take on this is they deserve each other .

  2. In fighting . They’re all under the cosh and squirming. Did you see that Anne and Eddy are now blaming and scapegoating an advisor ?
    Obviously the Queen is more concerned about Harry because this is an unknown quantity as is Markle and it could destroy the integrity (as in cohesion ) of the RF . Andrew is a different matter , they seem to be able to deal with the sexual mores of the Windsor men . Perhaps Andrews behaviour is seen as less of a threat or less offensive ?
    I think deception is the key word here
    We can both be flies and buzz over to Sandringham I’m sure we can find a nice wall somewhere 🤣

  3. They must think its no big deal because the age of consent is 16 in England. I wonder what they would think about him raping 13-year-olds in Malaysia. Disloyalty must be punished. If they roll out the red carpet they are getting blackmailed and should be taken out of the equation. No matter what MM isn’t going for it. She is already done and ready to cash in.

  4. Yes it is (16 ) Im assuming its older in America ? I dont think thats the issue though . Virginia Roberts was trafficked and trafficking is abhorrent and beyond immoral , it has so many other ramifications and says much about our increasing lack of a moral compass .
    Why in God’s name a 40ish year old man would want or consent to having sex with some one who is barely out of childhood and a sex slave is beyond understanding .
    I think we now have no moral or any other absolutes for that matter . There is no line which is not to be crossed , it’s relativism , something which is actively being taught in schools through out the Western world . So in reality this means that decisions about right and wrong can be made depending on the circumstances , there are no moral boundaries .
    It’s another perfect way to control and corrupt … and more importantly destabilise and destroy societal norms .
    Eventually we can be told left is right , up is down , there is no such a thing as good or bad , just something in between depending on how you feel at the time ., and ultimately we will accept this without question.
    Again it’s apathy that will kill us off .

    Interestingly the latest reportage suggests there is a 3 hour time slot for this initial meeting which is suggestive of a plan or fait accompli rather than suggestions .and discussions Maybe they are calling her bluff ?
    I agree , Markle is done , I cant see this lasting especially as she apparantly won’t go to LA until Trump is out !
    Seriously who is this woman ?

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