Anon Submits: Looking at the past, to see the here and now

Watch this video!! This says it all!! Now that Brexit is successful, she wants a payout. Did the BRF accept this crazy chick into the family because of a huge secret (even bigger than Andrew’s sins) that her wedding, rude & crass behavior could block the news cycles??? What is the BRF hiding?? Everyone of them appear checkmated!! Meghan Markle, HRC and BO ALL had a fly on their face while speaking an important message!! 👀 Look at the # 66 red football jersey in the above video while showing MM topless picture. These are Satanic messages!!


4 Comments on “Anon Submits: Looking at the past, to see the here and now”

  1. Mark Collett is a neo -Nazi and white supremacist . He is the former chairman of the young BNP before his membership was revoked .
    Collette is a self confessed Nazi sympathiser , admirer of Adolph Hitler and deeply anti -Semitic

    As far as Bishop Michael Curry is concerned : Curry (an Episcopalian)is part of the greater Anglican Communion which is directly ruled by the Church of England . Justin Welby approved of Curry for this wedding because the C of E is suffering from an existential crisis in the form of a generational çatastrophe where only 2% of young adults identify with it and 7 out of 10 young adults under 24 have no religion at all .
    The choice of Curry was to do with the politics of the Church and a desperation to be relevant to this demographic
    The Queen represents the establishment and global elite in every sense of the word . Markles woke left wing liberalism is the antithesis of what the Royal family epitomizes.
    This wedding must have been excruciating.

    As far as the Satanic references are concerned , I think the real problems regarding the RF , the deep state, their connections to “everything” the geo politics of Brexit and the possibility of a United Federal State of Europe should be addressed first
    The rest is just distraction .

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