Stockholm Boy

[Blind Gossip] Many people have been wondering why this family has not been more brutal and decisive in cutting out its rogue members.

Fortunately, we have some insight from an insider!

The family is thinking about the long-term implications. While they are furious – not just upset, but furious – about what is happening, they do believe there will come a time in which he will return to them.

What time is that?

They believe there will be a divorce within five years.

So, what is their strategy?

They must allow him to go but keep in contact and leave the door open for him to return. If they close the door on him, he might feel obligated to stay in the marriage longer because there would be no where else for him to go.

What about his wife?

The most frequent word I hear used to describe her internally is “duplicitous.” They know that from the beginning she has said or done whatever she needed to do to capture him, all while planning to do the exact opposite after marriage. They call it a “long con.”

If they knew this, why didn’t they warn him?

They did so repeatedly! Any warnings from the family were summarily dismissed by him.

This is a powerful family. Can’t they take her down?

Despite the conspiracy theories, his family will not “take her out” or publicly “take her down.”

They have dual objectives: To get him to return to the family, and to protect the family. To do both requires great restraint on their part.

For example, they know that they can not criticize her openly.  Criticizing her would only result in his defense of her and in her positioning herself as the victim or martyr. Unfortunately, she has conditioned him to see her as his only ally and his family as the enemy.

So, does this mean that his family will work with her?

Only insomuch as to facilitate his return. That is a primary objective.

That wording almost makes him sound like a hostage.

In many respects, he is an emotional hostage who is siding with his captor. He is not locked up in a room, but he is emotionally tied to her. She is in charge and he will not work against her.

That sounds like Stockholm Syndrome. Can’t his family pay her a “ransom” to get him back?

Right now, she is confident that she can make much more money with him than by giving him up. That is what makes this situation so unusual.

It certainly will be interesting to see how this all plays out!