Cindy Adams

With British blats leaking all over America’s happenings, only fair for me to expel bodily fluid on theirs.

Selfish Meghan knew precisely exactly — bet your assets on it — what she was doing. For openers, why’d she want that twit Harry? Why?? Because playing house — or castle — with him was a better role than anything on TV.

An actress, she loves the spotlight. Attention. Importance. She knew a good script when she smelled it. And she knew what parts she needed to flex to get it.

How dare this nothing nobody do that to the queen, who’s 93. Forget even that HM Elizabeth’s a symbol. A monarch. A sovereign. Queen of the realm. She’s first of all a mother, a grandmother, a great-grandmother, a Majesty. This is how you treat a mother? The greatest most precious human being ever in my life was my mother. This is how you treat a mother?

And the way to treat that alleged nitwit husband’s brother? Father? Whole family?

This is how you’re going to teach your baby respect for a parent? How to respect family? Just like how selfish-you respected your own father and stepsister?

And that royal stupidness grandson Harry not revering his grandma? Conspiring to diss her? What’ll he do Mother’s Day? Send Her Majesty that Nazi swastika shirt he once pranced in?

Formerly married, divorced, showbiz, biracial, foreign, American, been around, strong-minded, tough, smart, allegedly maybe could be possibly selfish and headstrong Markle never thought playing the palace would be different?

This is only hearsay, but in London a Brit socialite who knew her way around money, Europe, royalty told me — and my companion, so I wasn’t alone hearing this — that Meghan was known in the old days. “She was around the famous playgrounds Europeans visit . . . and known to be shopping for a rich husband.”

How about Fergie, that other temp duchess who divorced Prince handy dandy randy Andy? She took a handout from Jeffrey Epstein, she made a few quid hyping Weight Watchers, she got photographed sucking a guy’s toes. And when this newest duchesslite no longer needs hairy Harry??? The crapshoot is how long she stays.

She’s already interviewed p.r. folk in the states. Tired of kissing babies, visiting hospitals, laying wreaths and being stymied, she’s already tapped showbiz possibilities in the Colonies. She’ll be back in the business big-time while her husband, who’s never earned a farthing, diapers the kid.

Remember a predecessor of generations gone by? Duchess of Windsor? Who married the almost king? Also had been married and divorced. Also foreign.

Also American. She was not happy afterward. She was tough. I met her. I interviewed her. She was constantly looking to negotiate some sort of financial betterment.

Hey, sic transit, Meghan.

Meghan Markle has Narcissistic personality disorder when she clamps hold of a victim. It’s all full of wine and roses in the beginning. She morphs into a chameleon, taking on what the victim wants and needs.

Oh, she studied him and learned all she could. Once in her Narc trap, she starts isolating him from friends and finally the family. 

She starts making him paranoid that people are after her like Diana and that Harry needs to save her from certain death. 

The NARC can’t handle any criticism at all, that’s why I knew she would finally implode.  Meghan demands adoration 24/7 and will go seek this out; that’s why she is taking on Canada. The same thing will happen, and MM will wonder why this is happening to her. She will start blaming Harry and beat on him verbally and sometimes physically. 

Meghan will look at Harry with disdain, he won’t be man enough, he is too sloppy, not disciplined like her. By that time, he’ll be a shell of his former self.  But before she does the final death blow, Meghan will look and find someone else. They don’t stop there. After they move on to another, they continue the abuse from the former victim! 

The Narc lets go when they want to let go, and nobody, not a Monarchy, will stand in her way. 

JD🥰 Pray for Harry