It appears to be a slow news day for the Woke couple

Locals don’t care anymore, they abandoned them so why have their pictures. 


2 Comments on “It appears to be a slow news day for the Woke couple”

  1. Megan going to a homeless shelter for women is once again an overwhelming selfish gesture. Having worked in a shelter for women we were all briefed repeatedly to not disclose the location of the shelter. These places are in place to protect the women who “seek shelter”. That is why they are in place…to protect them and their families. The person they usually are trying to flee usually is an abusive spouse. Why would you knowingly select a place women want to keep private. A place that once a location is made public would place them at “risk”. I am appalled at the lack of basic intelligence that it takes to realize this is not what you do. You place all of these women in harms way, because even if you only photograph the volunteers you are offering them up as well. You simply, watch and look at the photograph of where the ridiculously stupid Megan went, research a little, check and match faces and follow them! What is wrong with Megan Markle…just to get a little attention?

    1. I agree with you; it’s all for attention. Meghan is repeating what she did in England, but she chose wrongly. Meghan thinks she will escape criticism in Canada, and it will follow her where ever she goes. You can’t get through a Narcissist’s head; you are not important.

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